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Coin Photos Web Based Zoom Renderer

Editing Platform

Photos can be uploaded to our server one of two ways:

Via our custom INPUT form element

Upload photos from your web form with our custom INPUT tag which operates just like any other INPUT tag (no need for complex ENCTYPEs and can work with GET requests too)


Convert an INPUT element into a photo upload element by setting the REL attribute to "photo".


Create an input element with the default value of the first image in set 22264

<INPUT NAME="image" REL="photo" SETID=22264 />

Then to activate the tag, link our zoom script by adding the following code between your HEAD tags.

<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript" SRC="https://img.numistip.com/edit.js"></SCRIPT>

Via this page

Photos can also be uploaded using the below form:

Once uploaded, image set IDs and ranks are parsable from the URL