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Coin Photos Web Based Zoom Renderer

Zoomable Photos

Once you've uploaded the photos to our server, whether through our web form inputs or via our website you'll receive two numbers, one is the setID, which refers to your set of images (e.g. photos of a particular coin) and the other is the setIndex, which refers to the index within that set (e.g. 0 for reverse, 1 for obverse).

With those two numbers you can display zoomable photos two ways:

Via our custom IMG tag

Insert zoomable photos into your site just like normal images with our IMG tag


Convert an IMG tag into our zoomable photo by removing the SRC attribute and replacing it with a SETID attribute and adding a REL attribute with the value of "zoom".


Render the reverse of set 250109 with a size of 215 pixels (38mm), showing the ruler and with a maximum zoom depth of 8x


Then to activate the tag, link our zoom script by adding the following code between your HEAD tags.

<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript" SRC="https://img.numistip.com/zoom.js"></SCRIPT>

Via an IFRAME directly to our zoom page

You can directly embed our zoom page for any image set with the following code


You can request our URL page through: https://img.numistip.com/zoom? and specifying the following attributes:

Display a 600x500 pixel box displaying a zoom photo of all the photos within set 22261, each with a size of 25.5mm


<IFRAME SRC="https://img.numistip.com/zoom?setID=22261&size=25.5" STYLE="border:solid 1px #CCCCCC;border-radius:3px;width:600px;height:500px;" SCROLLING="no">